Build Your Ultimate Business In 100 Days

This book is not just to be read and put aside, it’s a work plan, and yes, the author provides the plan and you’ll provide the work! Over the next 100 days we are going to provide you with free training, personalized advice, workbooks and access to “ask the author” questions about YOUR situation! This book is all about providing the best advice that is tailored to your needs.

The plans in this book show you very clearly how to build “your” ultimate business in just 100 days. In the title of this book the word “your” is written in capitals because if you run a small business, or you are thinking of starting one, you have many ways you could go, but only one way that takes YOU to YOUR ultimate business, the best business you are able to build.
Inside this book you will find:

100-day work plans arranged by experience:

  1. Rookie – just starting out
  2. Novice – 1 to 3 years trading
  3. Established – 3 years plus
  4. Old Hand – 10 years plus

This book is important and it’s important for two very simple reasons.

One, this book is about you, your future and your family’s future; it’s about helping you to be successful!

Secondly, this book is about small business and small business is important to all of us. Just consider The United States of America, the largest economy in the world; there are 27 million small businesses in the US. Small businesses account for over half of all the sales and create 65% of all the jobs.

Small business owners like you are the backbone of the local community. If you look around your community and see who’s sponsoring the local sports teams, or charitable events, much of the time it will be a local business or the owner of a local business, that’s putting money back into the good of the community. The good news is that every year 580,000 new businesses open in the United States, the bad news is that, in the same timeframe, about 600,000 close.

In the next 100 days, this book will show you how to be one of the 580,000 who started and not be one of the 600,000 that fail. Whether you are just considering starting a business and don’t know what it will be, you know the business that you want to start but just haven’t yet made the leap, or you’ve been in business for a while and reached the plateau that so often happens to new businesses – in the next 100 days this book, and the accompanying online training, will get you to success!