Business Growth Guides provides mentoring and training to current and future business owners in a number of formats, all are based on our proven ‘Ultimate Business Process’.

We offer face to face mentoring to qualifying business owners who we feel will benefit from this more direct and intensive approach and the investment is justified.

These days this can be accomplished very successfully online using Google Hangouts, or Skype, but we also work in client’s offices if that is both convenient and useful.

Although it develops over time our initial work with a new client usually takes the form of what we call a Structured Business Review, which does just what it says – we review your business in a very structured way using our proven process. During a period of about 50 days or so we collaborate with you to guide you and accompany you through the powerful business development process that Mark has written about in his book Build Your Ultimate Business in 100 Days.

Working directly with us we can do it in about half the time set out in the book because we do this work every day so we can help you to get to clear conclusions at each stage more quickly than you likely do on your own.

If your business has stopped growing, your working yourself to the bone or you know your business could be better, you should invest 100 days of your time in transforming your future. Our program – ‘Build Your Ultimate Business In 100 Days!’ has been used by thousands to change their business and their lives.

Depending on how you like to learn and your budget* you can benefit from this program a number of ways. You can purchase the book, sign up for the free extra training and self-study through the program.

To get a more in-depth detailed and hands-on approach – ‘Build Your Ultimate Business In 100 Days!’ is available as a video course, delivered on demand complete with downloadable workbooks, transcripts, and other materials.

To benefit from a regular training for you and your team on how to grow and market your business and how to keep your customers coming back we created – The Ultimate Business Series.