Member Benefits

Business Growth Guides is focused on helping the small business owner achieve sustained growth. One of the ways we do this is with the Ultimate Business Series – A monthly series of video lessons designed to be easy to understand and simple to execute. We know that to you ‘time really is money’ so we produce everything with the mantra ‘make it usable’.

Member Forum

Through our forum, you have access to our guides to ask advice about a particular problem, the decision you are trying to make, or future plans. Also, you can interact with others in the member’s forum to learn from other business owners’ experiences and share your own. Privacy note; you choose how much information you give about your business, you could choose to be anonymous and then feel free to divulge detailed information, or introduce yourself, but be more general in your comments.

Every month we highlight one of three key areas that every business needs to master to achieve sustained growth:

Business Strategy

The core of the programme, this will give you confidence about the best way to develop your business from where it is today. It will also give you a clear action plan, so you can build on what you have already achieved in your business to date, making it even stronger and more valuable.

Every quarter you receive short, concise and actionable webinars that address one of three areas – plan, implementation and reviewing progress.

You can also download workbooks, checklists, and presentations or monthly topics.

Business Builder

This part of the Programme will provide you with a stream of practical marketing actions you can take to get more customers, today. We’ll make it easy for you to select the one that is right for you, right now, then show you what to do and how to do it. Not tips, or ideas, but proven Business Builder actions that we have helped people to implement in many businesses, just like yours.

Members can also download the marketing checklists and access selected marketing content.

Customer Experience

Every quarter we break down one of our ’12 Steps to a Great Customer Experience’ in a brief video. Not only will you learn one of these key steps each time but why it’s important and how to teach it to your team. Get these steps right and you will see; client retention rise, revenue per client rise and more referrals.

You also receive a ‘customer accountability task’ that will help you gauge your customers’ experience.